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Who knew that a bicurious (though the only men I would fuck are REALLY convincing traps) autistic college student would be extremely oppressed. Thank you, I can now go to Tumblr and get unanimous support from all the idiot SJWs.


I had no idea I would score 100 on this test. I'm very shocked I discovered myself to be a true shitlord! Now whenever I say something I can immediately be discredited simply because I'm a white cis bi non-religious able-bodied human male! Amazing! I should probably kill myself since the only way to fight racism and sexism from white men is to become sexist and racist just like them with the only difference being that the hatred is towards white men, and me not judging people by gender or race simply will not be satisfactory. It's unfortunate that I'm responsible for what people who had the same skin color as me did in the past before I was even born and therefore had no control over, but I'm sure my suicide will help humanity be on the path towards tolerance and world peace!

An Anti-racist Anti-sexist White Male who should kill himself for being white and male

Thank you! Without you, I never would have known I was a raging shitlord that constantly needs my privilege checked. Now I use the anal privilege-checker three times a day and take estrogen pills to keep my patriarchal oppressiveness to a minimum.


Yes! Thank you! I now truly know I am an oppressor! I didn't know before, as I had felt so underprivileged. I need everybody to worship me, but now I have been helped!

White Anglo Saxon Protestant Cishet Man

Hm, it seems I am not oppressing people enough. This is every enlightening. Thank you, checkmypriviledge!

Evil white guy

I use tumblr every day (it's very enlightening) and i was told by my landwhale transdragonfatnegrokin ogrelords to tell people to check their privileges when they used logic in their arguements. I used this tactic, but then I began to think, maybe I'M privileged! Unfortunately, being a well adjusted European male, I checked my privilege and I have being oppressing people all along! I'll check my privelege again next week to see if i turn autistic by then. In the meantime, thanks for enlightening me,! I really appreciate it!

Beta Male

Thanks for confirming what I already knew, being a cis straight white male is awesome. Proud to be a Shitlord

Johnny Jon Boy

As a Russian Dictator who sent millions of my own people to die, I never knew I was so oppressed. Thanks Check my Privilege, I'll never doubt that sending my men to die by the millions is wrong because they are most likely Cis-Straight White Males with a privilage so much higher than mine!

Josef Stalin

We completified your quiz and discovered that them Islamiacs are more priviledgified than us PATRIOTS. At this time we thank you for allowing us to checkify our priviledgification.

G. W. Bush

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you male pig? I'll have you know I graduated top of my Womyn's Studies class, and I've been involved in numerous demonstrations against oppression of womynkind, and I have over 300 signatures on my petition. I am trained in debate tactics and I'm the top speaker in the entire Feminist Frequency. You are nothing to me but just another cis scum. I will reeducate the fuck out of you with feminism the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, male oppressor. As we speak I am contacting my public network of activists across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, misogynist. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your worldview. You're fucking dead, nerd. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can disprove your biased theories in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with no preparation time. Not only am I extensively trained in rhetorics, but I have access to the entire funding of the Tropes vs Women in Video Games project and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable opinions off the face of the Internet, you rapist. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you godessdamn idiot. I will rain empowerment all over womyn and your cisprivilege will drown in it. Your rape culture is over, man.

Anita Sarkeesean

Apparently my rating is 70. I'm sorry that my mom's family was taken hostage in the Korean War before they moved to the US and that my dad's family couldn't invest the time or money to provide much more than the standard needs, and that they both somehow managed to get 25+ years of education and worked hard to obtain a fortune through medical careers, and that I happened to be born by the two. I am also sorry that I have a stable brain, and that I realize I am not a fucking wolf or bird.


I am jewish and my score was -911. Please don't let the oppression of israel by palestine continue. Donate to your local AIPAC fund, prevent anudda shoah

Chaim Rosenberg

I am jewish and I scored -6,000,000. Please donate to Israel. The Palestinians are killing my people!

Shlomo Goldberg

finally, acknowledgment that I am a shitlord. My vassals scraped even lower than usual! Thanks,


So if I score -135, extremely oppressed, does that mean I can send the feminists I argue with here when they say 'check your privilege'? I can then say, I have no privilege, I am extremely oppressed, will that help her accept my fact based point? This site is a joke right?


I disgust myself. Thank you for showing me the truth.


As an asexual, demonkin, black, teacher from Africa who is short, intersex, poor, disfigured, genderqueer, immobile, and suffering from a mental disability and social autism, I received a score of -1155. I am EXTREMELY OPPRESSED. Thank you,, for showing this to me.


I am white male I just realized how much I oppress others simply by having been born and not being a complete failure. For that I apologize. Take my money.


I'm a cis man making upwards of six figures a year and apparently I have a privilege rating of ten. I'm quite frankly offeneded seeing as my headmate is poor and no matter how I try to send him money through my bank, they threaten to call a mental institute. How dare you say I have privilege. I can't even support my own headmate and every time I try I'm institutionalized. On a serious note you are all batshit insane.

Checking My Privilege

Wow, as a low-middle class male jew who had half their family die in the holocaust and the other half die in combat or 9/11 I never knew how privileged I was. I will never speak on social issues again!


Oh so I've discovered that I am extremely oppressed from this quiz.... I will totally ignore all my life experiences and ignore the fact that I have rarely felt oppressed! I can finally rant and be angry about things that oppress me and fester on tumblr and not actually experience my life to the fullest! Thanks so much Check My Privilege, now I can become a special snowflake on tumblr!


So, after being told by someone to check "muh privilege" because I was from the "oppressed, poor, misogynistic region of south america", that I "must endure each day the online racism of able CIS white males because of me, being Latino", turns out that after taking this enlightening quiz (and answering with all honesty)... I'm pretty privileged. Damn. Guess, that I must be sending oppressive waves from my country to wherever SJWs live.

Oppressive south american

Thanks; now that I know that, by being a male, I'm more privileged than multi billionaires like Gina Rinehart I can fix my cis-scum ways and fight the patriarchy to the best of my ability.


as an obese deaf dragonkin and werekin bisexual non gender binary black female my oppression score was -3250. man now I can tell all those cis white males to check their privilege. Thanks checkmyprivilege!

i dont associate with my government name

Wow, i never thought that a fat Bi Trans Jewish Demonkin Intersex person like me was so oppressed with a -1155 score. Slaves? War prisonners??? Pfffffffff, those privilegied people are so Lucky, especially if they are white straight men. They got no shit next to me.


Despite being a White male with access to a smartphone and internet connection, I have learned I am in fact very opressed. Can't wait to tell ALL my friends! And now, if they complain, I can just tell them to check their privilege! Thanks!


As an Iraqi Muslim I never knew I was being opressed

ISIS Agent

Without this website I would have never learnt that all straight white males are privileged and can't be oppressed, as well as how I should hate myself for my race and can't have a say in race/gender arguments because of my privilege. I apologise to all minorities and anyone who isn't male, cisgendered, white, tall, Christian or attractive for the digusting actions of people like me. Privilege = checked.


This website is highly offensive to me, my race, my gender, my height group, and my religion. Not every man who is attractive, straight, white, tall, rich, and Christian is living a happy life like you're making it seem. It's not easy to be rich; in fact, it's actually a LOT easier to be poor. The rich are forced to pick up the burden of wealth, given no choice but to live a cultured life of manners and civility. One mistake and you're done. Poor people, on the other hand, can just do whatever they want. Without having to waste time managing workers or organizing a budget, poor people have to responsibilities at all aside from what's right in front of them. Poor people need to open their eyes and see just whose freedom is suffering here. They don't see how rich people are GIVING THEIR LIVES every day just to SAVE them from the side effects of wealth! Not to mention that rich people are proven to get depressed more often. It makes sense that rich people would get depressed having to deal with the problems invented by poor people to inconvenience them. Also, poor people get into Heaven easier. Why don't poor people actually TRY being rich for once before they blast rich people for having easy lives!!

William Hughues IV

Despite the fact that I am struggling financially to pay bills and keep food on the table; I have discovered that being a tall, white, attractive, straight, male means that I must somehow be oppressing somebody, somewhere. Thank you for showing me how horrible of a person I truly am, CMP!

Oppressive Shitlord