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Thanks CheckMyPrivilege! Being a white, heterosexual and cis person I was afraid I'm way too privileged to fight for the rights of every minority out there, but since I'm a female from the shit corner of Europe I scored only 50! I think with some black paint and additional weight I will be able to become a true supporter of those who are not as fortunate as myself. Thanks again you beautiful people <3


It's so nice to finally have confirmation of my Shitlord status. I always suspected that I was better than the common herd and now I have proof. I will ramp up my vile acts of oppression to previously unheard of extremes. Thanks CMP.


Simply delightful site!! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to find a site that reminds women that they are unequal to men, especially if they are white, short and live fairly middle class. Thanks CheckMyPrivilege!


Thanks CheckMyPrivilege! Now I know that I am "Disadvantaged" from my mental illness despite my good looks, male gender, high income, and America as my home country. Thanks for reminding me that you're all hypocritical feminists that automatically assume that I'm looked down upon and that I can't cope with my problems! This is the best site ever, and thanks for spending the time to make it, assholes!

Totally normal person

Thanks CheckMyPrivelege for showing me that I am somehow disadvataged (-30) even thought I am a straight white cis American man from an affluent family because, since ADHD is a mental disability. Now even I can compete in the Oppression Olympics™!

Helisexual (My preferred pronouns are AH160) Let me rain down death from above

First question and I hit a brick wall, all of the answers are based around the binary concept of gender and I don't identify with any of them. Perhaps whoever made this should check their own privileges.


Thank you for letting me check my privilege! I never knew I could qualify for white only world controlling super entity on the level of illuminati, the organization being of course the patriarchy. Maybe my membership will be accepted so that I'll get off the street soon enough.


Wow. I never realized how terrible I was until I received a score of 120. I will now rectify this issue by castrating myself and dying my skin black through a horrifically painful process. I will also try my hardest to not offend ANYONE, hard as that might be, being a white oppressor. I will then try to adopt the lifestyle of a genderqueer dragonkin. Uh-oh, that's cultural appropriation. I just can't control my evil, oppressive, white ways. Somebody help me!!!


Thank you CMP. Without you I never would have learned how oppressive I am as a white man living in Japan. I also learned that Japan is worse off than the US. I had always thought that, as a technologically advanced society, Japan would have been a nice place to live it. Thanks to you though, I know understand that Japan is a pretty shitty place to live.

White in Japan

I'm so grateful to CheckMyPrivilege for showing me that every mental disability is the same, except for that dreaded terror, social autism. Not even the night terrors from the passing glance of a CiSgendered man could compare to that great horror! Thanks for setting me on the right path.


Thanks check your privileged for reminding me that as a gay female I am automatically oppressed!


As a tall, overweight white cishet male, This showed me just how privileged I was. I'm sorry for being born white and I hate myself every day for this. Thanks CheckMyPrivilege.

Commissar Cock

I never realized how good life was for me. Being an overweight cis straight scum showed me the true meaning of life. Thanks CheckMyPrivilege!

Autistic Brony

As a homeless, unemployed, short, overweight, disfigured, ugly, blind, deaf, immobile, mentally disabled, autistic, intersex, trans, genderqueer, gay, bisexual, asexual, dragonkin, reptilekin, demonkin, werekin, birdkin, mammalkin, jewish, muslim, hindu, sikh, buddhist, christian, black, latino, asian from the middle east I didn't realize how oppressed I was until I found this site! Thanks!

Extremely Oppressed In Cleveland

Without this site I wouldn't know how great it is to be a straight, white male. This is despite the fact that I am poor as fuck, but hey, maybe I should just Check My Privilege a second time so I can realise how horribly oppressive I am! I'm now a card carrying Shitlord! Thanks CheckMyPrivilege!

Cis Scum

Wonderful to come here and confirm how privileged I am. Each day I barely make it home from work I just remember to come here and check my privilege to put me back in my place. The world is certainly worse off for having normal people like me in it.

Just another Shitlord

Thanks, I never really saw how oppressed I truly am before seeing my negative score! As a struggling young artist in an awful economy, living penny to penny, it was already clear that I'm on the bottom rung with a right to complain, but now I see that I'm being oppressed by society due to my short stature, unaesthetic facial features, psychotic tendencies, and my blue-collar, abusive family background, I'm considering turning my life around and heading into politics to make our culture stronger, in support of myself, my countrymen, and others who feel the same way as I do!

Adolf Hitler

Many obligations are due you, CMP. For how couldst I check mine privilege without thee. I checketh when shitting and check when I pee; for you, CMP, mean the world to me. Such a good method for us normies to see, just how oppressed you victims can be. And so I apologize, with so little glee, for helping contribute to patriarchy.

Admiral Shitlord

Thanks CheckMyPrivilege! Now that I know how oppressed I am, I'm going to have the Imperial Ministry of Propoganda start a new campaign. No one will join the Rebel Alliance if they know that they're a bunch of ablist shitlords!

Darth Vader

Thanks CMP! Without your help, I would never have gained all of the patriarchal privileges I am entitled to. I can now live my life to the fullest with my membership and knowledge that I'm somehow better than everyone else, an idea reinforced by this website.


Here at the Islamic State, we have always been certain that the INFIDELS have been oppressing us! Now, with the help of, I can truly see that I am extremely oppressed with a score of -665. Thanks

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Thanks to CheckMyPrivilege, I'm now a proud member of the Patriarchy!


Thanks! Without you, I never would have known that I'm disadvantaged, despite my relatively good looking, able bodied, cis, straight, affluent white American life. Now I know that I'm supposed to be disadvantaged just because I'm a woman! Forget my steady job and thriving education, I'll go burn my bra and yell at men now!


That Male, White, and Able-bodied aren't the first choices in their categories is is offensive to me as clearly being male, white and able-bodied are the top choices. i mean, how else could I get such a good score of 160? I bet women only make about 75% of that score.


I'm a registered Doctor and I recommend coming here weekly to ensure that you realize how disgusting we white, straight and affluent people are to these mentally ill and delusional sycophants. That way you can go about your business knowing that you are better than these horrible people.

Dr James Russell

Hi, I'm Samuel (preferred pronouns are ke, kim, and kis) and I am a genderfluid bisexual transman. This website is great for showing shitlords how privileged they are. Thank you for creating it!

Samuel K. Rothstein

Thank to priviledge checker, I knowing now that I should stopping to complain of being unemploy in small siberia town, and feel bad of opression of 2nd generation immigrant college girl in america

Ivan Ivanov

With, checking my privilege on the go has never been easier. Thanks, CMP!

Max Jones

I am terribly embarrassed to learn how privileged I am. As of the moment of taking this quiz, I have abandoned my home, gouged out my eyes, quit my job, tanned myself enough to pass as Indian, and received a sex change. May society forgive my iniquity.

Another over-privileged whitey

Thanks Check My Privilege! I finally realized that I'm a SHIT LORD for being a blue collar working lower class straight American Minority, I should probably check my privilege, and by that, I mean hang my self with the noose of privilege! Thanks again SJW!