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Thanks! As an ugly muslim gay who lives in the middle east with a low income, i ended up with a score of -1650!! I think the parameters and estimators you've chosen are very powerful. I am more than oppressed, i am so much oppressed that i didn't even know how much i had been oppressed for years, thanks for your help. I really do belong to a subaltern society.


Before I checked my privilege, I was under the mistaken belief that being raised "working class" made me immune from criticism from furrykin transgendered anarchist people of color, but speaking now as a 215th level shitlord, I can go about oppressing others with a certainty of purpose and clear conscience without worrying about whether I am class traitor any more. If I am truly one of the patriarchy, I might as well act like it! Thanks!

El Guapo

I am Extremely Oppressed at -160! I'm not oppressing others too much by existing! I was so nervous of being a horrible cis-shit... *blows nose on fifty dollar bills* Sniff, so relieved! Now I can go to the winter gala at my family's estate with peace of mind and I can tell the housekeeper that I'm not too privileged for my own good. Thank you for the accurate test!

Little Miss Blueblood

Well as it seems I have scored a -4280 after living in every extremely poor county on earth, and as I am a mixture of every non-white race. Also accounting for the fact that I am intersex, asexual, bisexual, and gay. Taking into account my teacher status at less than 30k a year. Not to mention practicing every religion other than Christianity, and being short. Plus having every disorder in the current revision of the DSM, and being physically disfigured. I have come to the conclusion that I am extremely oppressed. This extremely helpful test allowed me to determine to just what extent I am considered the shit stain of the earth. With my new found knowledge I will scour the internet in search of people better off than myself, and inform them of the scum that they are. Though I'll probably just stick with Tumblr and . As the rest of the internet is just too vile and disgusting for my feverish body and gnarled hands to accost.

Flergle Burgle

With a score of 210 I feel as if I have done the world some kind of wrong; a cute miniature sized person with immensely large and hypnotizing eyes may be the cause. Maybe the world would be better without my existence, or maybe I am just waiting for my time to invoke my adorable powers upon the most influential men in the world.

Super Kawaii Desu

With a score of 25 I've realized that I might not be at the top of the social pyramid but being me is way better than a homeless gay genderqueer African who has social anxiety and practices Islam.

Advantaged in America

I am an omnisexual dragonkin who finds this website oppressive and apart of the patriarchy. I am going to sue for rape.


As a white plutocrat with a score of 170, I fall into the category of "Shitlord" I am an overprivileged right-wing Republican with binders full of womyn. Now that I have seen the light, I will replace my binders full of womyn with entire filing cabinets full of womyn. I will do my best to oppress, terrorize the underprivileged, steal, pillage and take full advantage of my upper-class abilities and rights.

Mitt Romney

With a score of 170 I realized I'm everything wrong with the world, I feel absolutely terrible for being the sole source of hermaphrodites, immigrants, wolf spirit people and general feminists/social justice warriors oppressor I decide I'm going to give back. That's right I'm going to become a shitfaced weak ass with no balls liberal that will let everyone walk over my race, heritage and culturally enrich America to death and degrading education into a brainwashing LGBT agenda that will one day lead to pedophilia. It's the least I can do for all the trouble I caused even though I never was in political power or even in contact with these vermin to begin with.

The Great White Cis Shitlord Mez

Before unclogging my neighbors wifes pipe, I like to start my day checking my privilege.

Joe the plumber

I had just finished sodomizing my third wife for falling asleep on a burning stove thus ruining my dinner, when I was informed by my eldest daughter (I could hear her voice through the gutter that links to my basement) that there was a new modem to assert wealth and fortune, sure enough I found myself here and scored top marks! Thanks to this website I can reaffirm my fabulous social standing, I'll admit I was sweating a bit, some of these questions were tough but, wiping my brow with a wad of cash I pressed on, and am certainly one of the most (heck, perhaps the most!) privileged white male this site of Wall Street! Ahaha! Thank you CheckMyPrivilege.Com™. Now I must be off, I see my first wife isn't wearing the golden ass plug I bought her.

Patrick R Archy

I used to think that I was privileged. I grew up in a moderately wealthy family, with people who loved me, as a white person in the glorious United States. I'm cis, and straight, and nominally Christian, so I assumed that I must be oppressing those around me. But after taking this quiz, my eyes have been opened. As a short girl who is now below the poverty line (thanks to the recession and my dad's sense of adventurous entrepreneurship), and is also struggling to deal with my ADHD (which is classified as a mental disorder, folks), I am NO LONGER the oppressor. I am being OPPRESSED. I am oppressed by mid-range products, which I cannot afford, long exams and assignments, which I cannot stay focused on, even my own kitchen shelves--which I cannot reach due to my height. This world owes me something for treating me so cruelly. And I will not be silenced until I am compensated!


Before, I thought that being bisexual and having Aspergers, not to mention a terrible case of depression and self-esteem issues due to a scarred face, has been my greatest torment and kept me from living my life like any other boring person. But now I see that, not only because I'm a white cisgendered male living in the GREATEST country on Earth (The U.S.A.), but also because I have no other disabilities and identify myself as a **human**, not to mention that I am studying with a totally carefree attitude and have parents in the middle class to try and support me, I have nothing to be upset about and should never have to feel oppressed by society! In fact, with enough determination, I could become the next greatest shitlord of the patriarchy! You've done it again, CMP!

A majestic shitlord riding on his white charger and saving the day

I had always thought I had problems. I struggeled being bisexual and being Christian. And growing up from a poor family. I worked my ass off to get a technology job though I still make a poor income and have a hard time catching up on bills. But thanks to this test, I nlw realize that I am a White Male Shitlord that needs to check his privilege. I didn't realize how good I had it. All my problems can't even compare to the real struggle that other underprivileged face. Maybe if I got intune with my furry side more, I could understand what it is like to be a mammalkin or... maybe switch religions since I am dating a man (which is against christian morals anyways). Finding a new religion to better help me check my privilege. Thanks guys!!! This test was a life changer.

Daleo Star

This was just what I needed! I had thought that I had challenges in my life, just like everyone else, but CMP set me straight, um, I mean, got me on the right track. I'm a dude, so my problems totally don't count. I had forgotten how patri- I am, and how oppressively I -archy over everything and everybody. Thanks, CMP!


Wow! I never realized how underprivileged I was; I scored a negative 285, being extremely oppressed! Thanks CMP! You've reminded me to always nah my peers for oppressing me, and to remind them that they're overprivileged, I'll be sure to link them to this site next time they hold the door for me, to remind them that they're all shitlords. Thanks again CMP!

Leslie The Owl

My privilege level is 100. I am a SHITLORD. At least now I know. Thank you!


I learned today that my military service, my full time salary job and my overall contribution to society was purely based on the fact that I am a white male(shitlord). I seem to be severely oppressing my Black..I'm sorry African American(five generations American btw) Wife by allowing us both to work full time (I don't have a degree) and providing a home, food, cars.. and care for two dogs together. I learned today My wife (-5 score) and I (+185) have lived completely different lives. Hers tortuous, and mine simple and easy. I hope to correct this somehow. I will inform my wife I am oppressive and allow her to control all my financial assets, without consulting me in hopes she will stay. Hopefully we will one day balance my larger privilege by giving a large portion of my privileged income to the Government to evenly distribute to the under privileged with no questions ask, to ensure I do not seem smug. I apologize, please forgive me.


Thanks CMP. I was worried that by being a white, heterosexual, male with no severe disabilities and living in the United States, while being employed and above the poverty line, meant that I was severely oppressing people around me. But thanks to you I know now that I am EXTREMELY OPPRESSED.

Eaton D. Cox

Wow, sure am privileged, m'lady. I didn't know being nearly deaf as a result of many operations, being poor and being so awfully tall that it's nearly a dismorphia, and being poor, was all canceled by the fact I'm a white heterosexual male! Thanks again for reminding me of my privileges, hope they'll come in handy to pay the next rent because I'm living hell on the money side. Thanks CMP.


Thank you CMP thanks to you I have finally realised that my BF (who scored Shitlord) is actually severely oppressing me (Scoring severely oppressed). Time to dump his ass and start dating a transfemale who identifies as squirrelkin and prefers to be called "nutters" whilst loudly complaining about my overly privileged ex-bf and how he kept me under the reign of patriarchy for so long.


After a long period of misinformation on how I was a part of the patriarchy, I was frankly disappointed by the revelation that i was merely privileged. Luckily I managed to imprint my father into the system and we were both delighted to find that he was a full SHITLORD and most likely a due-paying member of the patriarchy. Until I can step my privilege I hope he can preform enough oppressing for 2! Thanks CMP!


Good to know that I'm so privileged for being born in my handsome, white, male body and liking girls despite growing up being abused sexually, physically and emotionally! Not the mention the drug abuse my mom always dabbled in, sucking up my college funds and my dad's retirement money. Dang, I really should check my privilege! How DARE I earn my car, my job, my college scholarship, and even my wife! Ugh, I'm so privileged, it's sickening!


Check my privilege helped me realize that even though I'm gay and on the verge of being disowned by my entire family and half of my friends, everything is going to be OK because I'm still the white male tyrant I've always been. CMP gave me the willpower keep living and oppressing. Thank you, Check My Privilege!


Thank you, CMP. Just because I don't look like a retarded obese potato surely means that I need to check my privilege! I have truly seen the light. Sorry for being such a shitlord! Also, I've decided that I'm Deitykin. My preferred pronouns are Master/Master's.


Thanks to CheckMyPrivilege.Com™ I realize how Privileged™ I am. Now, as I go throughout my day, I look at those around me and wonder how Privileged™ they are. Are they a bird living in a human body? Or a wolf living in a human body? Or a dragon living in a human body? They could be going through so much, and I would never even know. I begin to feel sympathetic toward m̶a̶d̶e̶-̶u̶p̶ non-binary gendered people. How confusing it must be, to be so special and unique, and not have the world cater to your pronouns. Truly oppressive. And, why tell women not to get raped? We should be telling rapists not to rape! I'm certain that if any rapist were to take this quiz, they would realize their Privilege™ and no longer rape. Thank you for making things easy, simple, and clear, CheckMyPrivilege.Com™.


Thank you for existing, CMP. Letting me know that I'm "disadvantaged" for being a poor straight white Canadian man with a mental illness, but otherwise able bodied, gives me years worth of insight I never would've come across on my own. I shall now strike myself down, and will teach myself the name of the King.

it hurts

Thank you for helping me check my privilege. I am an AFAB transintersex fat disabled Hindu trashkin, but I am white, ergo I am literally Hitler. Furthermore, I'm appropriating the culture of Native Americans from India by practicing my religion. I will stop ASAP.

Russell M. Jimmies

Thanks CMP! Before I knew about this, I was living in tent in a field, dealing with the pain and isolation of being transgender in the middle of a super conservative state, but now that I've been informed that I have a score of 150 in favor of shitlord, I immediately bought a mansion, chained a couple of concubines to my bed posts, and smoke cuban cigars, which I regularly put out on the arms of black children imported from africa.

The Tranny

Thanks CMP, it’s long past time for me to look at my privilege. Every day I come home to my cardboard box, where my black adopted asexual Jewish sick daughter whores herself out to fund my drug addiction and pay for my double-amputation. I sometimes think of myself as disadvantaged, but your site thankfully reminded me that I have a penis and need to check my privilege as a result. I could not ask for more.

James Russel