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I used to feel like growing up in a trailer, in a rural backwoods town, and paying for my own education was a badge of honor. I thought that being a successful professional earning 6 figures meant that I had accomplished something. I now know that being a white heterosexual man from any background makes me an oppressive Shitlord asshole. Thanks CMP. I'm going to start giving 50% of my salary to random minority populations to even things out, especially gay Muslims.

Beau Regarded

Many thanks checkmyprivelege, I can hold my head up as barely advantaged due to the profession "lawyer" only falling in "none/other". Jolly good.

Anonymous slightly overweight cat

As a middle class tall straight white male from America, I now finally know I am a shitlord. Good to know, nowhat I don't feel so bad when someone calls me an asshole. Thank you


Thank you CheckMyPrivilege! It was so hard before this site came up to truly get those cis scum normies to actually see how privileged they are! I am a prud tri-gender nonbinary queerwaterfluid applerhubarbkin bidragon transfat nan0boy plutotri apache helicopter and deserve to be treated as such!

Queero McGenderstein

As a white guy in the middle class the only difference in my being privilege was if I was gay or straight. 10/10 Great test would test again!


So I'm part of the patriarchy, but I never got my gift basket! What a stupid club. How am I supposed to oppress women without the 2015 guide to man-spreading? So disappointed.

Some guy named Steve

Oy vey! There must be something wrong with this quiz, everyone knows that us jews have been the most opressed through history, right my goyim? Remember the 6 million!

Bernard Shekelstein

I never knew I was such an oppressive shitlord. Now that I do however I can exploit my white maleness to climb to the top on the backs of those who scored less on this test than I did. Thanks! I wholly reccommend this site to all my white, male, shitlord friends!

Shit-Lord, man.

Oh thank goodness, I thought I wasn't oppressed! Now I can complain online with peace of mind. Thanks, CMP!

All of Tumblr

I thought I was living a fairly privileged life but boy was I wrong! That's for making me realize that I am 10/10 extremely oppressed trash.


I realized that as a female, I was extremely oppressed. Thank you checkmyprivilege, I am going to therapy.


I can't believe that, all this time, I thought that growing up in inner-city Detroit under the poverty line, fighting my way up by serving overseas, studying hard to get into a good school, and then working part-time where they'd take me and running up student loan debt just to make a good life for my family somehow meant I had earned something. Wow, was I being a privileged white shitlord!

Poor, Jobless, Ugly, White Shitlord

Thanks to this website, I realized that since I live in Africa, where no one can happily live, I am horribly oppressed. Thanks!

Richard "Dick" Butt

Wow, I never realized I was such a shitlord. I was a shitlord and didn't even know it. I am going to embrace who I am and expect people to blindly accept me, regardless of how thin and good looking I am.

Shitlord and Happy

I thought I was privileged, but I can thank this website for showing me that I am extremely oppressed by society. I thought for sure that as a straight cis male I would be privileged, but as a Republi-kin who is overweight and not white, I know realize that I am horribly oppressed. I will know join my social justice comrades by bragging to all of facebook about how hard I have it. Thanks CMP!

Richard Ryder

I am an IIT graduate (Electronic Engineering). I work for my governments space agency (ISRO). I have a huge bungalow, a nice wife, and a shiny new BMW. I thought that I was privileged, but this test opened my eyes to how truly oppressed I am. I now understand that being a short (-10) unattractive (-20) Hindu (-20) Indian (-100) scientist (-15) who earns $30k (-25) completely negates my Engineering degree and my talents at designing upper-atmospheric sensors. I look forward to visiting America, where my handicaps will allow me to mooch off welfare for the rest of my life.

Prateek Venkatraman

i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, for I now know how oppressed I truly am. I will now join my social justice comrades in the crusade for decency. Even though, I, an American white cisgendered human male, I now see how I should be fighting the good fight alongside my quintgendered Lithuanian werewolf comrades.

Somehow Happy

Thank you for existing, CMP, now every time my straight, white friend needs to have her privilege checked, I can send her here. Thank you CMP

Ooga Booga Black Man

I knew I was a black sheep among the herd, but this proves exactly what I am. Other word I would use is a nice asshole, I'm a nice guy, but you do a dick move against me or my friends, and I'll be an asshole. Again, I'm a nice guy, but I'm also an asshole. I'm a nice asshole. Thanks for confirming my feelings and titling me to Shitlord!


Thank you for this eye-opening experience. I have since cut of both my legs with a spoon (no longer able-bodied), taken a skin transplant (I am now black), cut of my "sausage" and "meatballs" with a plastic knife (no longer male), moved to the middle east and I'm currently homeless, converted to islam, I hit myself in the head with a hammer and I'm now bisexual with a mental disability, answered what I thought was the phone, but turned out to be the iron (my face is now disfigured), but unfortunately I still consider myself to be a human.

Still Shitlord

Thank you CMP, for opening my eyes to my oppression! Seeing my score has motivated me to join my social justice comrades in the fight for, well, social justice! I would say I hope to walk in the footsteps of past justice seekers, but that would be just too triggering to my poor wheelchair bound self! Thank you again, CMP! #tw everything


Thank you CMP for granting me the privilege level of "shitlord" and allowing to understand how I may be properly hated for being born into beneficially circumstances.


Thanks CMP! Without you guys, I would of never known that I, as a straight white physically handicapped poor male in Greece, am I a shitload more privileged than a gay Asian attractive wealthy female living in Sweden. I feel so much better about my shitty life now!! :D


Ah yes Now I see that the patriarchy has always been holding me down, forcing upon me privilege I shall now become what I truly am; a ceterosexual caninekin polykin spacekin biromantic nanoasian, and will fight alongside my dear social justice companions.


How dare you, CMP, call me a shitlord. Simply because I look down on the proletariat for the mud-covered work-horses they are, I do not deserve to be saddled with such a moniker. I much prefer the term "Dung Duke" or "Crap Count" thank you very much.


Thank you CYP for revealing the true I was to blind to see! Even though I pass off for every stereotypical White Person category you have revealed to me that I am one of the most oppressed people! Viva La Revolution comrades! Fight the power!


The mainstream media would have me believe that simply because I am an attractive white male earning more than $50k per year, that I am somehow "privileged". It's fantastic to know that there are people like the folks at Check My Privilege out there who still do proper research. Thank you CMP. Thank you from the bottom of my severely oppressed heart that you stand up for the rights of people like me. I now know that I deserve the KFC I'm about to eat.

Extremely Oppressed

Thank you for letting me know that I'm part of an oppressive cis community, even though I've never oppressed anyone. I'm glad to know I'm more than half the dick I thought I was. Thank you, Check My Privilege.

John Smith

I was so shocked to find that I have no privilege, It's like, OMG!! I have my own car, !I'm related to royalty (Swedish), I'm Jewish, I'm tall and I have straight teeth, genetically. Is it sex? Or gender? I'm going to have to try harder, thanks for the 411, checkmyprivilege!!


Oh thank the lord, I was worried I wasn't going to be oppressed and wouldn't have anything to whine about on the Internet! Thanks, checkmypriviledge!