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While I always considered myself a member of the upper echelons of society, it turns out I was an extremely oppressed individual. At last, I may demand all the reparations that are rightfully mine and were all this time denied from me by this oppressive system, which convinced me to turn a blind eye to my own systematic repression. White Man, prepare to apologize!

South American

"Add your own!"... This site is literally throwing pronouns out like they don't matter. That is NOT ok, words are weapons. [trigger warning - strong language, may evoke memories of abuse] Please show some fucking consideration and include a drop-down box so that folks can select the CORRECT pronouns. My LGBTQ friend is sitting next to me LITERALLY with tears streaming down xir face and make-up staining her fur suit. Xe is so fucking upset. Thanks for being a part of the problem.

Like WTF?

After checking my privilege, I learned that my privilege score is SHITLORD, a fact which did not surprise me nor sway me in my behavior or beliefs. I shall go on terrorizing the world with my whiteness, maleness, and able-bodiedness for as long as I live, without the barest hint of remorse or regret. I am now, and shall always be a SHITLORD.

Literally Worse Than Hitler

Before I unclog my neighbor's wife pipes, I like to start my day by checking my privilege.

Joe, The Plumber

This was a brutal reminder to me. I once thought Extremely Oppressed with a score of -235 was privileged, with a roof over my head, food at the table, a loving family, the whole lot! I was such a fool. Thanks to I now understand that I am in fact Extremely Oppressed with a score of -235, and I will now stay in my house and cry to my cat.


This testimonials section is very triggering. The box I'm typing this text into has the title "Body". I do not identify with body and it is extremely oppressive to force me to always face this stigma. Furthermore, a couple of sentences back I used the word "box" which I feel is very objectionable as I don't believe we should be putting things in boxes, but instead we should strive to break free and spread our worth and dignity all over the face of this universe...

Translyxa de Luxe

This quiz is only in english, and therefore due to its lack of lingual representation, is euro-centric, and euro-centricity is racist. The white background of this site proves that it is run by white male shitlords. I am appalled by the fierce cultural misrepresentation by spelling countries' names in the imperialist language of english. As a carnisexual hot dog-kin who has 3 headmates (Harry Potter, Osama Bin Laden, and Bill Murray), I am much more oppressed than this "survey" says. Check your own privilege, you morons.

Queer Otter-kin transomnibotiphobic lightbulb-type

Being a poor working class white male means I am privileged, even though my dream of being a kawaii 2D loli will never be realized. I just want to prance around in cute shimapan and transform into a magical girl, but that does not qualify as being trans. Oh well.

I just want to be a loli

After years and years of maple brewing for my friends and family, I am now able to say I will never be privileged. Thank you! After our last US invasion, I thought my business would fall but alas no! it has continued to rise, my syrup has spread throughout my region and is even consumed by the infidel. Aunt Jamal's home brew formula is rising and thanks to this website I am motivated to continue to syrup the lands!

Aunt Jamals Arabian Maple Syrup

As a member of the family Vombatidae-kin, I see the planet of earth through a wholly different point of view and spectrum, and unlike the CIS scum that have plague the scared nations of Europe for eternity, I understand now how this testimonial means so much more to the united otherkin community. I once believed that National Socialism was not a good life choice, but once I started injecting pure Tasmanian devil meat into my lungs I realised my sexual orientation was verging towards the quad-gendered plethora of opportunities that this path of life entails.

Wombat Tears

Thanks to check my priveledge I lost 22 pounds and can now write good.

XX Aunt Bessie-kin XX

I finally found out that, as a white and bi-sexual, yet passable and fuck-able trans-woman that can hold a steady job I am still extremely privileged. I suppose that is because I still have my evil male oppressive penis. At last I understand why my peers are so mad at me as I have been unwittingly oppressing them for all this time. Thank you..!

Ivana Spankov

I took this quiz because I thought tat It would be nice to see how privilege and awesome wealthy I am, but was shocked to see that I'm actually a Shitlord. I'm so sorry to all the women I have oppressed and am so sorry for being born like this. I now wish I was born on the streets with autism because of this site. Thank you for opening my eyes and showing me how much my existence is pointless.

CIS White Human Male Scum

This whole time I thought I was being oppressed because of my name but I now realize the years of bullying and general abuse I have endured from my peers means nothing and all that matters is that I am a white catholic male from a wealthy family and I now realize how much I have oppressed these women. Thanks Check My Privelege!

John Shamon Johnson

My magical space alien friend took this test and score -910. This is absolutely unacceptable, she can shapeshift, has knowledge of advanced technological secrets as well as having superhuman strength, intelligence and magical powers. I am disgusted by this oppression of PoCs.


As a handicapable mayonnaise gendered omnisexual radish-kin this site helped a lot.

Joe Biden

I now realize that I have so much privilege and I am subconsciously and consciously oppressing PoCs and strong womyn. I need to donate to Anita and Brianna because they are true gamers. I consider my privilege officially checked and that I need to white knight all of the great oppressed people.

The leader of toxic masculinity and the patriarchy

Thanks to this test I found out that my 'Check My Privilege' test score of +160 (Shitload) was keeping me from advancing in my current job. I have since called an attorney and have filed a class action lawsuit against my employer for discrimination.

Shitload Score

As a white cishet female typing this on an expensive apple laptop my daddy bought me for Christmas, I always thought I was living a good, comfortable life. Now this quiz tells me because I am female I am actually extremely oppressed by the patriarchy. Thank you for opening my eyes CMP!


Now I thought I was privileged but as a rich black Muslim and president of the United States, I'm at a disadvantage to most people! Wow! Thank you check my privilege I'll be to tell those CIS white males in congress to listen to me because over wise they're racist! I mean they're white so they are racists but..

President Obama

I was walking down the street today (I am a woman) alone and a man approached me. I was scared at first because men are savage beasts with no right live in this country. As I was saying he came up to me and started walking directly behind me. I thought that i was going to be raped by this mysoginist asshole the whole way to my house. I contacted the police about my encounters, but they hung up, calling me a "stupid bitch", because the man on the phone clearly was rapist and enjoyed me getting raped. This is an outrage! These cis white assholes deserve no praise. I'm glad to know I have strong women on my side.

Laurrie Penny

Thanks to Checkmyprivilege I know I am severely disprivileged and I need to get on Patreon immediately.

Jose Echevaria Garcia

Thanks to Checkmyprivilege, I now know how much of a shitlord I've been my whole life!

Mike White Smith

As a member of the MMPR, I had no Idea that my uniform color made me so privileged. I now know that I've oppressed the black ranger, the yellow ranger, and even the pink ranger for so many years without knowing! I will now mutilate my genitals and become gay a eunuch and allow the other rangers to have their way with me in order to atone for my sins against humanity. Thank you CMP for opening my eyes to what I've done. Well, I'm off to tie my cocknballs up with dental floss to make my atonement last longer and be more painful. Go! Go! Eunuch Ranger!

The White Ranger

Thank You CheckMyPrivilege, I didn't know that as a pansexual onedirection-kin I was being oppressed by the world, now I know I can sniff Harry Styles garbage and used condoms freely and no one can tell me any different!


I used to think I was a good man. I kept women in the kitchen, gave them less money, and genuinely made their lives terrible. But this website changed my outlook on this whole idea. Now I know I am, so I can finally put women in their place and make them feel at home. Thank you You are the best. Down Cis Scum and forward unto a new dawn of Love, Equality, and Putting women in the kitchen.

Best Website Ever

As a handicapable mayonnaise gendered omnisexual radish-kin this site helped a lot.


As a dragopolymorphicanasexualidontfuckingevenknow-kin, I feel like CheckMyPrivilege is a very useful website for dragopolymorphicanasexualidontfuckingevenknow rights, and a link to this website should replace boobs in all the video games I don't even play because they literally rape me. Please stop reading this testimonial because seeing people read testimonials triggers me. The word trigger also triggers me because my spirit animal (a whale) was shot by the patriarchy so you should stop saying that too. Remember not to generalise races and kill all fucking white scum you see. Bye.

Cis Scum Must Burn

I always thought I was a good man but it turns out I'm part of the problem. I'll make sure to keep my eyes out for positions of privileged power I am a part of

Brock Volto

Wow, I never guessed that by being middle class, white, cis, and American I could be extremely opressed, but now I am! Thanks,!

white cis scum