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With a score of 195 (Shitlord), I now see my true calling... To perpetuate the privilege of truly awesome, successful people and crush the minorities of the delusional. Now I have new purpose. Thank you,!


With a score of -4351, I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Apache” and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

George Bush

With a score of 30, I am fairly sure I have no idea how the real world works. Thanks for dispelling my illusions,!

Advantaged and loving it

Now I know how much I will be looked down upon by tumblr due to factors I can not control. THANKS CHECKMYPRIVILEGE.COM!


Answering entirely honestly, I discovered I was Extremely Oppressed with a score of -105. Thanks to, I realise I should now be fighting alongside the good citizens of Tumblr instead of laughing at them! Thanks for educating when the social justice warriors wouldn't!

Patriarchal Mandroid Cocktopus

Holy hell being black and poor I had no idea I was ADVANTAGED AS A 20!! thank to checkmyprivilage, I now know that I am.


Thanks to chekmyprivilege, I can use my "Disadvantaged" sticker to live another year on tumblr without the hounds of Identity Crisis Central baying for my blood!...I hope...

Transfat Quasigender Spacesnailkin

Thanks to CMP, I have discovered I am a highly privileged Shitlord Supreme, with a score of 320. Although obviously blessed with a high score, I am motivated to improve my game in order to achieve nirvana by attaining the highest score available, and raising the bar of privilege to new, never before reached heights, if possible, On the other hand, if reaching the highest possible score involves sexually abusing smelly, ugly subhuman misandrist gender feminists, I believe that I will just should stay with my more adequate Shitlord score.

Mike Hock

Thanks to I have discovered my true nature. I belong among the true members of the patriarchy!!!

Dudebro #9716

im so gad i have found this. to be able to check my privilege is such a privilege and knowing i am a shitlord has really opened my eyes. THANKS CHECKMYPRIVILEGE


25 privilege points! Holy shit I'm advantaged! I thank the amazing patriarchy, capitalism, my whiteness, and my straightness. I must be a racist, homophobic, asshole! Awesome!

Advantaged Cis White Hispanic Female

I have made it to the very top of the shit lord, after years of browsing the wonderful 4chan it has paid off, I have reached the wonderful score of 250..... I'd like to that /b/, my privilege, and the patriarchy

Patriarch DingDong

Only through this test was I able to channel a racism not seen in thousands of years. Not only did my white skin turn a shade paler, but I was handed 3 job offers, and a cop arrested HIMSELF for pulling me over. My stay at home wife and our 5 beautiful straight white sons then surprised me to let me know that they are going to go stay at our new summer home with my rich grandparents, so my wife can fulfill her womanly duty of becoming pregnant with yet another straight white male child. I also can reach into my pocket and pull out a delicious bag of beef jerky, and by the time I finish it and reach in there again a new one has taken its place.

The Legendary Super-Shitlord

Thanks to I have found out that I'm, in fact, a massive shitlord. From this point on I will change genders at least twice a week to reduce my shitlord pollution gradient. In addition to that I will start to have homoerotic trans wumbo 420 LGBT African thoughts about everyone I meet. I don't know what I would have done without this site.

Shitlord 3000! Now with 420 new gender settings

Before I took this test , all I did was rape women and browse /b/ all day . Now I eat away my sadness and surprise castrate men at the park . I've seen the error of my ways , and now I'm on my way to rant on Tumblr . Sieg Heil feminist swine !!

Pat riarchy

I thought I was open to all modes of life, sexuality, races, and ideas, but it turns out I am the worst possible person as I am a Shitlord with a privilege of 200. Thank you so much for setting me straight!

Sir Shitlord III, Esq.

Hello. My name is King Shitlord, and I'd like to thank this site. As a librarian in Seattle, I figured I was a normal guy, not oppressed, but not privileged. Then I stumbled upon this magical test, and discovered that I'm the shittiest of shitlords. Since then, I've joined the mysterious "patriarchy" to conquer my way to the very top. I am now the King of Shitlords. So, if you're an oppressed otherkin transgender, then thank me for being oppressed. Why? Because I am King Shitlord.

The Shittiest of the Shitlords

It's nice to know that while I am extremely oppressed just because I'm a woman, my 12 year old brother is a shitlord even though the most hurtful thing he's ever said was that I was a liar and cheater for beating him at Mario kart. Thanks, for telling me that my brother is an oppressing shitlord.

Privilege -700

I never knew I was a gay bisexual tranny African latino Sikh muslim who was homeless and disfigured and socially autistic until I took this test. Thanks!

Chinngis McDingus

My eyes have really opened as I have found out that I, shitfucker, am a shitlord with a 125 privilege level. I feel glad. Thank you so much,!


Born in the working class and struggling to make end's meet, I thought I was a man of the people. Thankfully "Check My Privilege!" showed me what a shitlord I could truly be. Being able bodied, straight and white, my power has risen to 140! I am ecstatic! Thank you Check My Privilege!

shitfaced cistian

I always knew I was privileged, but then I took this quiz and discovered my true privledge is 420. I had no idea what power was in me. I shall now travel the Earth and oppress all those on it, as they are underprivledged to me.Iam a proud member of the patriarchy and the illuminati, and run and underground child sex slave operation. I can now expand my abilities and take over the world . Thanks!!!

The Shitlord

Before this test, I considered myself a very accepting and overall decent person. But with a score of 140 , I now know just how disgusting and racist I am. After taking this test, I moved down to the southern United States and joined the KKK. I now spend my days sitting on my oppressive porch at my oppressive home, oppressing all the oppressed women and poc who pass my lair of oppression.

Leeroy Jenkins

Thanks to this helpful test, I can tell my priveleged friends and neighbours where to shove it when they complain about my behaviour

Privilege Score -375

Thanks to check my privilege I realize that I have been oppressing people all my life. To make up for this I will castrate myself with a rabid weasel and have flaming aids injected into my ass so I can suffer for all I have done to the people in the world. But I will go a step further, I will donate all my white Jew gold wealth to the Palestinans so they can further their jihad against my oppressive intolerant race. May whatever God you believe in forgive me (because I'm tolerate enough to accept everyone's religous beliefs)

Average Whoite Male

Through check my privilege I have discovered that I am a racist, sadisitc, homophobic, fascist. From this day foward I will devote my time to helping inner city street monkeys learn their ABC's and pay every black person I see a thousands of dollars to help deal with my white guilt. I am also converting to Islam to please our Sand nigger overlords. Through check my privilege I have realized that I am a women trapped in a mans body and will be getting sex change surgery today.

Over Privileged White Male

As a rich Christian Caucasian cis humankin American who works as the principle of a cis-dominated High School, I do not believe I have honestly undertood the magnitude of privilege that I possess though I am a woman. After taking the CMP examination I now understand the degree of my privilege and have made it my goal to prevent oppression at my high school. I am implementing a program at my school to balance the level of privilege between students. Students of origins other than European will receive a +10 scale to all of their grades, all cis students will receive a -5 appropration scale while all intolerant students (characterized by xenophobia, racism, sexism, bigotry, etc) will be instantly failed for the school year following the observation of their intolerance. My program will consist of many additional rules, regulations, and procedures, however, I cannot disclose the content in its entirety of the program on CMP because I am currently writing a book on the subject. I will be publishing my book, "The Pursuit of Destroying Bigotry in Modern America" in which I outline the issues facing modern America such as conservatism and how to combat the issues effectively.

Mrs. Hice

I felt that I was oppressed until Check My Privilege showed me how much of a shitlord I really am. CMP has shown me that as a pan sexual ginger tradecenterkin, I have no right to oppress others and I now wish I had been born a deaf blind autistic black Mexican with no income and male and female gentitalia

Elliot Barraclough

I always thought i had privilege, but after checking my privilege (thanks to this website) I am now aware i am quite the oppressed individual!!! I have no taken to Tumblr and Twitter to express my hatred for privileged individuals and even stopped my friendships with close friends who are more privileged then i am (They have been oppressing me all my life!!!) Think website has made me regain a whole new life! I even quit my job to be a full-time keyboard warrior who is policing the use of offensive and oppressive words/arguments/people.


I'm a middle class quasipolypaninteragender panbigraysexual apanandroskolioromantic Bill Clintonkin and Barneykin with PTSD, Depression, DID, Autism, and Asperger's from cyberbullying. This quiz is really helped to show how opressed I really am!! This is why we need Feminism!! Down with the cishet patriarchy!!