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I thought that as a decently intelligent person living in the USA in a decent neighborhood in a good home would make me privileged. But then I forgot the fact that I'm Hispanic, trans, gay, short, and want to be a scientist when I grow up. Now I know that I'm extremely oppressed. Thank you!


Wow, I'm gay, I'm athiest, I have enough Latino in me to the box and a face ugly enough to tick the box, and I'm autistic, and that's enough to balance the fact I'm a cis-male white non-otherkin living a rather affluent lifestyle in the Untied States! In the end I'm disadvantaged! Thanks CMP, now I can flaunt my Colombian heritage and autism sob stories, as well as talk about how oppressed us gay people are!


Sh!tlord :D Who knew simply owning a Lambo and being a white Swedish girl made me that? Thanks CMP!


I never realized how shitlord I am as a straight, white, affluent, American Christian. Now I can appreciate the peril of all the poor, gay, demonkin, Latino Muslims in rural China. Thanks,!


I'm a bible thumping, Jesus loving, Gun toting, Anti Islamic, white, cis, straight, male, America loving Conservative Catholic with German and Jewish ancestry and I'm proud of being a privileged "sh*tlord" thanks CheckMyPrivelege :D


I always thought I was privileged being a cis white male, but thanks to this website I now know I am disadvantaged (-80). Thanks check my privilege!


I am White with Southern European roots. I am a native English speaker from the Northeastern United States. I am a Male Nurse whom has spent the last couple of years taking jobs away from Female minorities because I have a unique offering to my profession, by better serving Men whom are embarrassed and frustrated by Non-English speaking young women. I mix my masculinity with a caring nature and do not get overly emotional in my work, therefore I am a threat to the traditionally female-dominated field of Nursing. I grew up working class and my parents were able to support me while in school, therefore my loans aren't unmanageable. I make just as much money as all new nurses in my area and have never felt this phenomenon of th "glass escalator" in my career, at least not yet.

Historically Latin White CIS American

I am a CIS Asian young male born into a shithole 3rd world country. Came to Canada to work for my master degree and got called a "Privileged Class". Checked on you guys' website, it turned out I have been the oppressor all this time :^). Mind = Enlightened, Privilege = Attained.

Oppressive Asian Male

Thank you CMP you have changed my life, here I thought life was inherently tough but come to find out I am just extremely oppressed. Instead of continuing to work hard and continue promotion in my full time career I can now with total confidence tell my boss to go take a flying fuck because THE MAN has it in for me specifically. Can you please provide some links for my new entitlements? Since I am now officially oppressed society owes it to me to pick up my tab in life so I can evolve my inner unicorn. Who do I contact about getting a "Safe Space" created at my workplace? Whenever anything stressful happens in the future I am going to get triggered and need somewhere safe from the 1st Amendment to go to in order to calm down. Thanks CMP!

Super John Holmes

I always knew I was oppressed, but never knew just how much until As a bisexually asexual, gay, reptilekin, werekin, demonkin, dragonkin, birdkin, mammalkin, homelessly institutionalized, black, Latino, Asian, genderqueer, trans, trans (passable), short, jobless, intersex, non-religiously Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Buddhist who is overweight and disfigured with an ugly face from Latin America, Africa, rural China, India, the Middle East, and the shit part of Europe all at the same time who is immobile, deaf, blind, diseased, mentally disabled, and socially autistic, I can say for sure that I will never go a day of identification with my beautiful soul aura ions without truly understanding the extent to which I must be triggered from now on. Thanks,!

Alfalfa Navajo Flapjack

I still cannot believe how much society has lied to me. I used to think that being a white middle-classed German with a penis was ok, and that my life was ok. But since I never identified as a male, and honestly didn't give a fuck about what gender I am, and am slightly physically hindered by a weak terminal desease, I was so wrong. It must have been the patriarchal internalised agenderphobia that lead me to believe this. Only know have I realised how oppressed I truely am! I will be starting my blog in the next week, visit me there to witness me fighting patriarchal oppression of women and other gender minorities, please. This has changed my life, thank you,!


Never in my life have I ever come to the terms with the fact I was a shitlord. Ever since I was born I now realise, I have been oppressing and raping every woman I have ever laid eyes on. Only now do I realise just how oppressing I am despite being an ugly faced, disfigured, bisexual latino all because I was born a man. Thanks for helping me realise how oppressing I really am to all the woman of the world!


Thanks Check My Privilege! I now know I am a fuck boy white cis scum male! :D


Thank you Check My Privilege for affirming what I have known since 1990. As I continue on my unchecked march toward becoming a plutocrat, I pledge to prey on innocent young men to satiate my ravenous sexual appetite.

Priveleged Shit Baroness

I am very triggered because this did not have an option for us cabbagekin, I hope to see this added


I checked my privilege, and I was a tall white male in a affluent family. Now, I am a dragon who will take over the universe in a mechsuit as an engineer. Thanks, CheckMyPrivilege.

Engineer Space Dragon

Before, i though I was doomed to be a patriarchal shitlord for my entire life. Then I realized that I was no mere human... I was dragonkin. From then on, my quest changed from, ya know living a proper human life, to seeking offense where ever I can find it. I cannot thank this website and the thousands of dollars I get from my shitlord parents who pay for my to yell at the college master at Yale enough, because it's they paid their dues. And also Jon Oliver should step and be replaced with a Muslim Tran-Ethnic-Werekin-Bi-Genderqueerical-BLACK-Woman with dreads.

Demi-Sex-Demon Draglord

I identify as a gender-fluid heteronormative demonkin, so I am deeply offended and triggered that there was not an option for Woman's Studies profession! Yes, I work at a Starbucks, but that doesn't mean that I should be oppressed by the Patriachy like you!

Shmulini Eversmith

Thanks to this great website, I have now started a campaign for 50/50 employment between gay, black, disbled women and everyone else. I think this is a great step forwards for equality. #GayBlackDisabledWomensLivesMatter

A Reformed Gay Black Disabled Woman

Before I checked my privilege, I was a straight, Christian, strong white man who worked for a living as a carpenter. I was appalled at how privileged I was, and how the poor overweight reptilekin Latino Hindu-Jews in rural China were starving and being beaten up brutally. And worst of all, I was the one beating them up in my home in the suburbs of the United States. How did I beat them up, you ask? By looking at a picture of one. In doing so, I literally raped them by staring at it for more than 2 seconds. I was very sorry that day and I spent the day learning who I was on the inside, and after overzealous and fervent counseling/proselytizing from Tumblr feminists, I learned that who I was on the inside didn't matter, but whatever gives me an excuse to consider myself special, different, and oppressed did, and to deny any male influence in my life. Through this, I became Meshawnta Joannasdottir. I went through species, gender reassignment surgery, extensive trans-ethnic counseling, and finally race reassignment surgery to join my [TRIGGER WARNING, CALLING A RACE BY NAME] Arab-Black, Jew-Sikh-Buddhist-Confucian, Khoisan-Nepali, transsexual combination-cactus-naked-moleratkin brethren in the depths of the Himalayas. There we go on our computers and post about how oppressed we are. I've improved since I learned about myself. And it's all because of you,! Thank Allagodesufucius I found this website!

Steven Johnson (now Meshawnta "Homogay" Joannasdottir)

I used to be cis, then I wasn't. Thanks!

I never realised that by simply being a straight, white male it made me so disgusting. From now on I will strive to be the best black, transgender, bipolar, Eritrean Buddhist vegetarian Muslim I can be. Thank you.


I used to be a fuckboi, until I checked my Privilege. I realized that I was a huge douche to everyone around me, wearing a swag hat, riding on my hover board, and making vines just wasn't the way to go. Thats when I decided to change. The next week I got surgery and became trans-flower, the most oppressed thing in the entire world. Not only do they get stepped on and picked at the wismy of humans. They get sold at stores like there objects, but their not. There alive just like us. My nuts were placed with seeds.

Ben Dover

Wow! All my friends made fun of me for wearing a wheelchair on my face, but thanks to, they realized how they're oppressing me and that they are shitlords! Thanks~!

Jake Nubbers

Coming from a nation that was basicly a third world country until the 50's I once thought that these "Historical Facts" of genocide and slavery against my people were true! I discovered a blog onTumblr, run by a fellow middle class white person. Although xXDidntNednoMales4lyfXx never set foot outside California and the Parriarchy ensured se failed her history tests she tood me how rhis was untrue, because of my pigmentation. I was skeptical at first but was soon liberated, I now realise how privillaged I am, and how the constant state of terrorism in my youth was really an illusion by the Patriarchal Commitee to trick us into thinking unfair things have happened in my country even durjng my lifetime was prillaged white cis males try to act all oppressed for attention! I know know when Irish slaves were sold 3 for the price of an African in Barbados that this was because the Patriarchy was trying to ensure the African Ameri- Coloured community couldn't get work while my privillaged shitlord ancestors could! I feel so guilty for all my race has caused, including inventing alcohol problems in American Minorities, which isn't stereotyping (that needs power+ignorance shitlord) I'm so sorry ladies and other minorities, I used to whip myself in guilt in rememberance by I stopped understand that's cultural appropriation of Arabic Slave owners. Forgive me!


I am a straight, cis-gendered white man from a middle class background. This test is irrelevant, as I am, genetically speaking, so evil that I reflexively march like an SS soldier when I sleepwalk. Unfortunately, no amount of self-flogging will ever erase away the disgusting whiteness from my skin. I am a marked man, with service to the Patriarchy irreversibly programmed into my foul soul.

Massive Shitlord

A score of only 170 made me realize that clearly I haven't achieved enough in life. My destiny is fulfilled when I reach score of over 9000 and get the title 'SHITGOD'. Thanks, checkmyprivilege, for giving my life a meaning!

Rich, white cis-male

Alright, I'm a shitlord! I suppose this means being white and cis makes me the absolute scum of the earth! Thanks, checkmyprivilege!


Here's an actual, non sarcastic testimonial. The testimonial section of checkmyprivilege has made me realize how stupid a lot of white people are concerning their own privelege! Thank you checkmyprivilege!

Score -270

Knowing that I am a massive shitlord changes me! I can now be an even bigger one. Thanks,!

Barack Obama