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I would like to say how chauvanist and offensive this list is. It's written from a WHITE NORTH AMERICAN view point. How would an Indian living in India be at a disadvantage for being not white and Hindu ? It's said to see this cycle of oppression will never end.


You don't have an option for pagans or members of other, smaller religions. CHECK YOUR PRIVILAGE SITE!


Silly screeching feminazi harpies! Privileged 110 cis gendered male here!


"Retarded" is ablest language, should read "Intellectually Impaired". Please rectify this oversight, Also, the capcha is asking for numbers. What if I had dyscalculia. Why are you oppressing poor people who through no fault of their own cannot read numbers.


-275...It's good to know one can be largely happy while being extremely oppressed, but still.


I got a flat 0 which feels about right as I have some things that are the markings of a very privileged person as well as a few things that work in the opposite direction. But what I wanted to point out is that the ranking of different European countries is rather questionable regarding trans rights for example:


Hi. I live in Canada and make over 30k a year but less than 45k. I can't take your quiz because I feel the results would not be accurate. The US and Canada are not the same for many, many reasons so I hope you don't expect Canadians to pick the United States. Different demographics, different culture around race/gender/orientation, different income levels, different cost of living, etc.


What about those with the privilege to access the Internet at all, never mind a computer. That's a privilege in itself, urgh.


No option for otherkin? Fuck this shitlord site and the SHITLORD who made it. ANYBODY WHO USES THIS SITE DESERVES DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD. love, Rocky the Racoon! :D

Flimflam Shimjo

I thought life in the trailer park was rough, but then a middle class white woman on the internet told me to check my privilege. Now, thanks to, I understand how lucky I am compared to that white woman. Thanks!

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