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The height one is really offensive. Tall, Short and NORMAL? Ugh, the word is so cruel.


Why doesn't this quiz take mental disorders or learning disorders into account? Those things can lead to oppression. Not fitting into gender norms can too, no matter what you identify as. I call bullshit on this quiz.


Personally, I identify as a tree. There is no option for this. I am ex-tree-mly offended.


Can I have the 3 minutes of my life back. Also I had a good giggle at your ranking of European countries... someone must live in a shithole.

Gaylor McQueen

And what about the people who can't afford internet? Where is the paper copy? F*ckin oppressors. And why does it have to be English? Is Swahili an inferior language to you? My god.


And where is the paper version for people who can't afford internet? Fucking oppressors.


I am bigender and I only can choose between cis and trans! You are oppressing me!

check your monogender privilege!!

Why isn't there an option for Canadians? I had to pick U.S.


Is this satire or real life?'


So where do I insert my score on the Common App?


Lawyers are in the same category as unemployed?

Anonymous lawyer

I'm an African bisexual transgender Muslim who is mentally handicapped, horribly disfigured and homeless. I always knew I was extremely oppressed, but I didn't know I was at -2480. Thank you!

Abdul Jenkins

You've missed a huge area of the world here - what are you supposed to select for countries if you're from South East Asia?!


Where is the option for blacks with vitiligo? Whites with revitiligo?

Jerry Jackson

Writer/media/communications should be added to the list. I had to check "other," but reporters get a lot of access to officials/documents/privileged spaces that other people don't.


I refuse to take this test until "Jew" is included among the various ethnic opinions. And you better make sure that 6,000,000 is subtracted from my score.

Roth Goldberg

Why is mental illness not on here? Or is that supposed to fall under "disease"?


Hey, no Canada?! Is it because living in Canada makes us privileged in the first place? I'll take it.


Pansexual needs to be listed, as well as gender fluid. Also, dinosaurkin because dinosaurs aren't lizards.


Dude, where's Canada on that list? Colour me offended.


Interesting that Christians are more privileged than Musilms in the Middle East. Wouldn't have been able to tell by looking at EVERY RELIABLE SOURCE, EVER.


Dunno how I feel about the Race question. I could argue that Southeast Asians are just as underprivileged as blacks.


This is totally random. Take it several times. You'll get different results each time with the same answers. I wonder if that's the point.


What if you don't know all of their definitions for the genders? And did they really put "Meh" after a category of Europe? What does that mean? And, and, there's no category for income between 30k-45k. Did some women's studies majors make this up in 5 minutes? This is a joke. Congratulations on continuing to make this movement completely moronic.


What the hell is "Social Autism"? Where is Mental Illness? Why is there no "linguistic minority" section? Why is Deaf, as opposed to deaf, a disability? Why is blind worse that immoblile? Why does the creator of this garbage have such an ignorant and racist view of Africa and the Middle East, which all get lumped together, unlike Europe which gets 4 sections to itself? The only place Jews are privileged AS JEWS is Israel. Why does this quiz pretend to be universal when its blatantly America-centric and Eurocentric? $30 K/yr is NOT poor, unless you have a family of 5 or more. A monkey could write a better quiz on privilege.


Since when is Germany meh tier?


I'm brown :-(


Where is Canada on the country list?


You tell me i'm -305. That's for mixed race female genderqueer bisexual poor christian partially deaf sight-impaired student from the UK and I was sent here by someone becasue apparently i have privilege and don't know it... Oh well, it could be worse I could be one of those idiots on the internet screaming at other people to check their privilege...


I find the idea that privilege can be quantified using numbers and the idea that one privilege can cancel out a disadvantage extremely disingenuous. As a social justice advocate, I'm aware that people can be both disadvantaged in one area and disadvantaged in another, but the way that this quiz is made suggests that there's a Oppression Olympics in which the person with the lowest number "wins". Quantifying oppression and giving people "points" for how oppressed or advantaged one is counterproductive and it turns this into a game, rather than a serious issue that needs to be discussed. In addition, it suggests that one privilege erases another's disadvantage. This never happens in real life. The disadvantages still exist; even if you have an advantage in one area, this does not necessarily mean that your disadvantage in another area is gone. If this were intended to be a joke, this is a really badly made one, because it turns people off from the conversation regarding intersectionality and privilege and I don't want that to happen. When I was first introduced to it, I thought that the creators were serious. If I, a social justice advocate, thought it was serious, imagine what the uninitiated would think should they come across this.