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Well I'm a self-made multimillionaire Pakistani Muslim, and my grandfather made huge sacrifices on his part to better the world (WWII British Colonial Forces, worked as a child, took care of a family of 13 people after his dad passed away in 1936, etc.). Life for me on the other hand has been easy, but hey, since I'm not a white, cis, christian male, I'm oppressed. Thanks liberals for giving me the title of oppressed!

Muhammad Sagri

I am very underprivileged. My entire country was forced into war in 1933. Resulting in millions of dead. Hence I should get you to give me money.

Uncle Adolf

Oh boy...where do i begin...My whole life has been a lie. In order to check my privilage, i sawed this quiz in half. I'm what you'd call a Vagiterian, and i'm super privilaged!!!

Hugh Janus

Somehow being Jewish is more privileged than being non-religious. Maybe that's true though, I should feel grateful for having almost no extended family because most of my grandparents' relatives were slaughtered by the Nazis!

eric jr

As a gay Muslim, i find that this site proves the oppression that has more than a choke hold on our country. (United States). This site said my privilege was -940. Even though i make more money than the average Muslim female. Around 140$ U.s. dollars a year. But because i'm not white and a male, i'm oppressed, thanks site!!!

Reacheal Kinihf

Who knew I was both opressed and an opresser??? Apparently having found a job after months of searching makes me The Enemy Of All. This will be quite the change after being killed by the thousands in England for not really being all that into having sex, what with asexuals being the most opressed people in history. Glad I have my evilness to comfort me now! Thanks, CheckMyPrivlige!!!

Oppres Sed

Hello everybody i am an opressed white frisian. i got a score of -135, to which i can totally identify. For my whole life i felt opressed by the tyrannic/fascist/gay-loving/hateful savages that call themselves dutch people. Finally my opression was recognized. I printed out my opression olympics certificate and it proudly hangs in my office now. thank you so much for the confirmation i needed, now i can safely feel opressed, without getting opressed by my opressors. kind regards

Kees Westra

As a white middle-class middle-aged man, working in an office in a medium-sized city, with a basic family and a basic life, it's the first time I've got an above-average score at anything! So proud to be a SHITLORD, thanks!

John Smith

Thank you, Checkmyprivilege! Now I, a white lesbian sikh female dragonkin, can see just how oppressed I am! Now I don't have to be scared to take up entire rows on the bus. I can show my score and point my scaly fingers at them in all my dragon-y rage when anyone tries to stop me from taking my seats, or even worse, sitting on my incorporeal tail!

Nineet Abdallasakasam

Extremely oppressed, -325, and still kicking ass! Strong white men don't need privilege to win.

Mike Post

Thank you for showing me how privileged I am. When I see others being more successful than I am I can say its okay I'm a privileged what male.

John Yarbrough

I am a Mexican immigrant who has come to steal your jobs. I feel like has helped me gain respect between my friends and peers.

Pedro Gonzalez

I'm a 32 yr old white, cis straight masculine male man, attractive slim average height able-bodied neurotypical, christian, aristocrat, & physician. I am the most oppressed person on the planet. Why? Because despite being normal, healthy, & wealthy... me, my family, and anyone i care about could be brutally tortured and slaughtered for doing absolutely nothing wrong at the click of a finger. Hail Kim Jong-un.

Pudoo Patel™

I am extremely oppressed. I can't believe it took me this long to find out. As a white lesbian gay I thought I was blessed.

Emily G.

Thank you Check My Privilege! I've discovered that even if someone is a Black, transgender, Muslim, Latino, dragonkin, birdkin, deaf, autistic, mentally disabled, diseased, intersex person, and have a net worth of $1,000,000,000, they are still cripplingly oppressed. I had no idea! I also discovered that i am extremely oppressed as a white, cis, straight, fairly well off female. I will use this information to yell at people on Tumblr when i don't have an argument. So thank you ;)

Ethnic Kekistani Shitlord

This is absolutely amazing. I thank with all my heart No longer do I have to feel ashamed of my privilege because despite being a straight white male living in the middle class, I have discovered through this test that I am actually extremely oppressed. I shall carry my extreme oppression with pride everywhere I go. No longer will I accept SJW's calling me a privileged patriarchal supporter who deserves nothing and was just lucky for the way God made me. Now I can stand with then and wave my flag of oppression and outrage against those more privileged than me. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Oppresed White Straight Male

Absolutely fantastic service. Will force upon my neurotypical European oppressive counterparts. Very pleased to know I have retained my ranking as the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux RaceTraitors. Heil and have a great day.

the_Eugeniest Creamy Memey

I had no idea i'm opressed. Thank you.


10 out of 10, would definitely use this service again. Being a cis, white South African male immigrant to the UK, living on a reasonable income whose family directly benefited from Apartheid, I was labouring under the delusion that I was privileged in some way. But thanks to, I now know that I am in fact -280 privileged. I will now demand all the free money… reparations I am so obviously owed by my liberal, progressive, SJW peers. Thanks, you are a God sent.

Krunchy Van Clutch-plate

I'm paler than mozzarella cheese, and thanks to CMP, I found out I'm a violent oppressor. Now that I've been enlightened, who knows what I can accomplish now?

Frank Sinatra

I am fully disabled. I am currently institutionalized in Antarctica. I make nothing for money, and I have never had a job in my life. I identify in at least two thousand different ways. I am a shitlord privileged. ;) <3333~~~ 8==D

Ahmed Bajkir

I am a wannabe-wigger person of color (50% aznz), placenta-sexual aromantic, metaphysically fliud (sometimes an agent, other times an abstract object - like the number 3), quasi-non-binary genderfluid (occasionally agendered), morbidly obese pro-ana pro-mia fruitarian (breatharian on saturdays), partially disabled, scientologist, pro-necrophilia pro-incest pro-beastiality pro-pedophillia pro-furry, heterophobic pencil-phobic hydrophobic placenta-phobic phobic-phobic, nth-wave femynyst with approx 7676.76 headmates, MDD APD OCPD GAD BPD PPD ELEMENOPEED, 3d-hating trans*-dimensional space-gremgryll with telekinesis & unquantifiable STDS. I dabble in quantum electrodynamics & professional modelling. I am also married to the 11th dimension & 66 sith lords but i must reproduce via photosynthesis. I DARE YOU TO OUT-OPPRESS ME! pic related is me on the far left:

Dr. Gwendilin Gwenneth Sessily the 8th™

Thanks for showing me that I am a uber shitlord! that must check his privilege and give back to the transethnic transgender demikin that are extremely oppressed by my white Christian Hetero Privilage. Jesus Loves you

Jesus Christ

As A Whit3, M3xican, Sis-Gend3r, Trans p3rson who id3ntifi3s as th3 leader of th3 Fr33 world i just hav3 to say that this w3bsit3 is th3 b3st.

M3xIcAn Ill3gAl M3M3 DeALEr

I took this test and found out im a priveleged shit fucker with aids I changed to muslim and now i'm good now thanks


As a cis white heterosexual male who makes approximately 500000000000000 shitzillion dollars every microsecond, made me realize the fault of my ways. All because of this test, I will be donating every penny I own to the Africa Demi-Ethnic Trans-Nigga Charity of Southwestern Sudan, and I will identify as a ethno-spirited transgender, transpecies, transethnic, transdimensional demi-wolfkin fymale. Thanks,!


thanks CheckMyPrivelege i now know that i was under privileged all my life.


Thanks CheckMyPrivelege, because of checking my privilege I now feel at liberty to be accepted by my peers as a well-developed, self-reflective snowflake with multiple advantages on this shitty oppressive planet!


Hell yeah. I am a uber-sh!tlord when do I get my white privilege club card and start receiving my monthly check. I am really tired of this hard work crap for a living. Also do I have to wait for my membership card or can I immediately start looking down on the oppressed.


Thanks CheckMyPrivilege! I am a Cis, Christian, Latino, Poor ass Extremely oppressed bitch! Wow! :D